All of our products start with our ultra-pure full spectrum hemp derived cannabinoid oil. We test the quality of our ultra-pure full spectrum cannabinoid oil at every step in our processing to ensure strict compliance with our standards. Our processes are designed to provide a consistently ultra high purity and quality. We provide full traceability from the farm to the finished bottle. You can be assured that you are buying fully compliant ultra-pure full spectrum hemp derived cannabinoid oil of exceptional quality.

Eagle Hemp is a hemp extractor and processor that has crafted a manufacturing process with the goal of being rigidly consistent and maintaining the highest level of quality and purity on the market. The hemp market is flooded with suspect formulations and products that lack consistency, so Eagle Hemp strives to provide the highest quality product with the fastest delivery times for their customers every single day.

When you buy from Eagle Hemp, you are guaranteed quality, purity and traceability. Our cutting-edge subcritical and supercritical liquid CO2 extraction is used exclusively to acquire a complete range of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils and other phytonutrients. Liquid CO2 is the safest and best method for preserving the terpenes, or flavor, of the plant, making the end product more desirable. These extracts are then processed into an ultra-pure product, without any harsh chemical solvents, pesticides or heavy metals.

Eagle Hemp’s Mission

Eagle Hemp CBD employs a USDA, DEA-registered laboratory to test every final product in order to ensure the highest quality cannabinoids under the strictest standards without ever risking government sanctions. We test our ultra-pure oil at every step of the manufacturing process in order to exceed the highest standards of any full spectrum cannabinoid oil available. 

It has taken over a year to develop Eagle Hemp’s state of the art facility and craft a proprietary process for manufacturing our ultra-pure full spectrum cannabinoid oil to a standard of quality that we want to sell to our consumers. We have visited a multitude of other facilities to validate our production model and assemble one that surpasses every standard that we have observed.

We want our customers to be assured that we are constantly striving to develop the highest quality products by continually optimizing our techniques. The safety and satisfaction of our consumers is the most important. 

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